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Awaken to the magic of the Moon Months, your inner Sun!

A Journey Through The Luna (Moon) Months...

Through Journal Writing...

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation...

And Holistic-Energy Therapy 🌔

A Journey Through The Luna (Moon) Months... Through Journal Writing... Kundalini Yoga & Meditation... And Holistic-Energy Therapy 🌔

What are your first thoughts about this time of the year?

Creating rituals and practical routines to use throughout this special time of the year – Every season brings new opportunities to explore our Self. For some, this time is challenging – For others, we embrace it. We have our own unique connection to the seasons.

Especially if you struggle to enjoy this half of the year, I want to challenge you to look at this time in a new way! In my own journey, I remember how I struggled when the days started getting darker and the cold started to feel strong... My emotions felt heavy and I experienced Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for many years until I started to explore these holistic tips.

Autumn and Winter are portal doors into our lower Chakras, to release old energy and to get clear on what seeds we want to work on.

A Time To Explore Our Inner World

Slow things down, take your time! 

Although this is an intensive 10-day online course, you are invited to take as long as you need to in each stage. This is a self-study course with recorded material so there is no rush. You can return to the content at any time.

With over 3 hours of total video time and journal inspiration, you are set to start!

This course includes:

🍁5 Major energy topics to explore

🍁10 Day energy journal exercises

🍁10 Video and audio lectures on each topic

🍁Kundalini meditation video classes with each topic

🍁PDFs to download and use alongside your journal

🍁Holistic tools we use – Astrology, Kundalini yoga, Chakra system healing, Shadow Self clearing, goal setting for Autumn/Winter – and more!


Hi, I'm Linda - My Kundalini yoga students call me Tera Kaur. Kundalini yoga teacher, therapist and health coach.

This course was launched on the Autumn Equinox of 2021 and it has been a firm favourite course ever since then. This time of the year has often been my busiest time with my students - I share all my tips here with you!

To watch a FREE video with tips for Autumn/Winter, check out the Daily Lessons section below, then click and sign up for free to watch this special video!


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I did this course when it launched in 2021. This course has now become part of my rituals every year, especially on the Autumn Equinox. Practical and powerful tools to use throughout these seasons. Thank you!

— Maria (London, UK)

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I know the teacher from my therapy sessions so when we shared that she was doing online courses, this was the first one I tried. Her voice is very calming and her energy in person is very much what you will feel in this course. Great course.

— Steven (London, UK)

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I came across this course while listening to the Yoga For Empaths podcast. Curiosity was what made me join and I am happy I did. These meditations are my favourites and I love to make them a unique 40-day practice. Highly recommend this online course.

— Melanie (Sydney, Australia)


Each day, you will have an energy-inspired lesson, meditation video and journal inspiration to try!

BONUS: WATCH MY FREE VIDEO NOW - Click below on the FREE VIDEO at the start of this course and sign in for free to watch!



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