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Your Natal Chart Is The Key

My readings are all about holding space for you to relax, tune in and understand your natural energy codes through astrology

Energy exchange - $120 / £95


✔️ A combination of parts that will pull the essential areas of your chart together...

✨ An audio-video reading (60 minutes)

✨A short meditation to start

✨The foundations of your chart

✨Your karma and dharma, your past lives and your life's purpose

✨Your strengths and challenges to work on

✨ Key houses/areas of your life

✨Holistic health tips to make the most of your natural energy

✨ Tune in to current astrology cycles to make the most of it

❌ Please note that this is not a coaching or therapy session - The aim of this audio reading is to inspire you to tap into your natural energy from your birth chart and tips to try. For further advice, coaching and/or therapy, this is a separate service.


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"I felt drawn to exploring my chart as I have been going through many things this year. Thanks to your reading, I started to see which area of my life was a strength to work on. I also could see why the North node was so important this year for me. Thank you so much!"

~ Elaine, UK

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"Your voice is so soothing and the reading was much longer than I expected. It really explained every detail very beautifully - This is good because I know nothing about astrology! I enjoyed the intentions visualisation at the beginning of the reading, I am using this now to connect with my meditation practice. I will be using your holistic tips this Autumn. Thank you!"

~ Brian, USA

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"My mom was the one who told me about this offer so I got in touch as I was curious. Honestly, I did not know what to expect so I took a chance. I am glad I did. I was happy to hear tips on how to work with my creative side as I have not been feeling very inspired lately. I will re-listen to it again as there are so many details to digest and understand fully. A good offer and service."

~ Ana, Germany


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